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Do It Yourself

by Violent Frustration

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Today you came close to delivering death. In the name of what you think is just. A walking time bomb about to explode. Filled with hatred and lies and disgust. So eager to change the face of the earth For you and your kin and your race. Here’s the one thing you can do To make this world a better place. Do me the favour. Spare me the time. Do it yourself. Please end it tonight. Do it yourself. Take a breath. Count to five. Bite and taste the cyanide. Cock the gun. Open wide. Pull the trigger and close your eyes. Do it yourself. Get a rope. Pick a chair. Tie a noose and hang in there. Feel the blade. Feel the pain. Slit your throat and make it rain. Do it yourself. Make this world a better place.
We are ruled by reptiles. Cross-bred. Doomed from birth. Space is nothing but a lie Like the curvature of the earth. They poison every one of us. Not stopping till you’re dead. They turn you gay and stage mass murder. And lay eggs in your head. The piper is playing his tune again. For the fat and fearful rats. Those who fear will always follow. And pay for their own traps. One man’s tool is another man’s weapon. Dance, my rats! One man’s words are another man’s downfall. Dance, my rats! Dance and spread the plague! Take their kids! Eat their brains! Eat and spread the plague!
We dissipate. Contaminate. Consume and consume. Until we suffocate. We’re killing ourselves And everything else. We subjugate. Eradicate. The pride of creation. So easy to obliterate. We’re killing ourselves And everything else. Our water, air and soil. Everything goes bad. We create our own hell And destroy even that. We’re killing the world.
Das Kapital 01:32
We worship you. We bow and kneel. We pray with every breath. You are power. Domination. Our lifeblood and our death. You promised us freedom. But you keep us in chains. All hopes. All dreams. Shattered. All in vain. We lie for you. Betray and steal. We slaughter and we die. No risk too great. No sin too grave. No choice. We pay the price. You promised us freedom. But you keep us in chains. Our future. Our children. All in fucking vain.
I don’t want you to live in this world anymore. I’m against everything you stand for. This planet is too small for the both of us. I don’t give a shit who you think you are. I don’t want you to live in this world anymore. You better fuck off and never return. This planet is too small for the both of us. I’d rather see everything burn Than letting you tell me what to do. This planet is too small for the both of us.
Dead To Us 01:27
This is a war. There's black and white And no regrets and no remorse. It's not that hard. You pick a side And then you stay the fucking course. Differentiation is a complication. There is a place, there is a time For thinking and ideas. We're trying hard to save the world. So it's not now and not here. Differentiation is a complication. Conjecture. Suspicion. Doubt is killing trust. All we’ve reached is null and void. Now you are dead to us. Damnation. No redemption. It’s much simpler this way. We know you well. We should know better. Now you’re nothing. And nothing’s worse than gray.
Leeches 01:52
And when the tides kept rising Billions dying proved me right. And here alone I’m standing At last alone tonight. For I have watched the last of you Drown miserably today. While I was counting worthless bills With nothing left to say. Everything I ever touched It all turned into gold. I should be thankful for my gift But all I feel is cold. The dead remind me every night That this is all on me. I never cared. Nor did the others. Just decadence and greed. We fancied ourselves the kings of the world. Looking down on all of you. We drained your blood because we could. Because that’s what leeches do.
Why would we fight? The last generation. Gasping for air. We don’t care for your nation. Raging stagnation. Decades of frustration. Why would we fight? For the future? Salvation? Dead men tell no lies. Guitars to guns. Barking dogs never bite. This is your end. Your descent. Your demise. The kids aren’t alright. Tell me: Why would we fight? The rotten stench of yesterday. We will end this tonight. Dead men tell no lies. This is the end. How do you kill what’s already dead?


Released by RØDEL Records

Check out the official music video for
"This Planet Is Too Small For The Both Of Us" on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHqCTwMABE4


released July 24, 2020

We would like to thank everybody
who has been supporting us.

Chris – Vocals & Bass
Rob – Drums
Tobi – Guitars

in Berlin.

Mixed & Mastered by David Mauritzon
at SOUNDTORNADO (soundtornado.com)
in Gothenburg.

All music written by VIOLENT FRUSTRATION.
All lyrics written by Rob.

Artwork and layout by ILLUSTRIOUS



all rights reserved



Violent Frustration Berlin, Germany

Aggressive grindcore since 2012.

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